There are 600 million of people playing Chess around the world and with the advent of the internet, people around the world can now play againts a player even if he is hundreds or thousands of miles away.

And there’s a Cryptocurrency project online where you can play Chess online and get rewarded with Chess Coin which you can trade in the market

We have interviewed the new developer to answer some of the questions potential investors and supporters needs to know and this is his response

Check the Chesscoin Market here

What Is the name of your coin/token

“ChessCoin032%” or “ChessCoin032” or “ChessCoin 1.2”
The coins are simply called “Chess”

Do you have a social profile for your coin or groups if there are can you please send us all the links?

Chess Coin Site

Play chess against the computer and win a maximum of 1100 chess.

Official Twitter Account

Telegram Group

Discord Group

Bitcointalk Official Announcement

Is there an ICO/Premine for this coin?

We made a hard fork – so it was the same conditions as with ChessCoin 1.0

What is algorithm behind the coin?

ChessCoin has the Scrypt Algorithm with Hybrid PoW/PoS feature. However, the phase of PoW finished before ChessCoin 1.0 launches.
Then ChessCoin 1.2 can be considered a pure POS coin. The annual Staking rate is 0.32%

What is the purpose of the coin?

ChessCoin is a currency and the transport costs are very special!
Transactions costs 0.0001 / unlimited.

What are the core team’s strategic vision to solve some real-world problem?

The energy consumption of ChessCoin is low.
The blockchain is small
ChessCoin can be used anywhere on this planet if there is a computer with a hard drive and an internet connection.

Does dev or the team have any experience that makes them likely to succeed?

Do you have a specific approach or strategy to make the project successful?

With pragmatic realism and enough perseverance, there can only be success 😉

What percentage of coins in circulation will the main developer have?

Each group/organization or member will not get / have more than 350,000 ChessCoin No lock… if you exit, you can sell it or you can buy more ChessCoins on the exchange…

How were the software clients generated (did you use the main Bitcoin client or something else to make their software)?

If there are opportunities, groups/organizations or members can be invited to the team.
If the solutions are simple or already provide evidence, can you make them useful for ChessCoin? So what is already available which ChessCoin can then use. Very easy…
All members are asked and each member has one vote…

ChessCoin 032% Core Team

Was is heavily premined, how many coins are in the hands of devs?

The ChessCoins from version 1.0 are all free… we bought before the hard fork and with ChessCoin 1.2 we are giving away these coins to the chess players who win against the chess computer…
there is a maximum of 1100 ChessCoins
You can win 55 times at level 1 and do a screenshot… that’s 1100 ChessCoins.
There are over 48Mio. Chess for the chess-computer – that can mean a lot of work…:-)

If you ever had the chance to talk with Satoshis what would you ask?

All good as it is… I would suggest a chess game with Satoshis.

Even Vitalik Buterin with Ethereum can’t beat Bitcoin. How you gonna do it.

We have an independent blockchain… everything can be rolled out on it…
For the world computer you need a lot of memory and your own large server… better yours own blockchain… small and nice… 😉

Do you think your coin can make it at the top 20 of Coinmarketcap

Everything is possible with trust

Your message to your potential investor, supporters and community

Take the chess computer… Play chess against the computer and win a maximum of 1100 chess.

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