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We have compiled 17 questions provided by investors to ask developers about their project to prove that it deserves to be on their list and here are Nominex answers to these questions

What is the name and official website of your coin?

NMX token (ERC20)

Do you have a social profile for your coin or groups if there are can you please send us all the links?

Is dev anonymous or not and can you name or send the profile links of the people involved in this project?

Pavel Shkitin (Chief Executive Officer)
Alexander Petrovich (Chief Technology Officer)
Denis Korablev (Chief Experience Officer)

Is there an ICO/Premine for this coin?

Token distribution

What is algorithm behind the coin? Standard hash solving mechanism,

Standard hash solving mechanism

What is the purpose of the coin? (Is is only used as currency or there is some deeper system behind it

native utility token of Nominex Exchange

What is special about the coin? Is it having any form of unique solution implemented?

Users are the ones who create capitalization, and they get nothing in return. But not here.
NMX ctreates products and financial value. The more you use the platform, the more NMX you get.
Your choice creates value. If you return to the company and want to become part of the partnership community,
you buy NMX. Each user will be treated as a creator of business outcomes and company’s success

Does dev or the team have any experience that makes them likely to succeed?

Yes, our core team has successful experience in fintech development and complex development at all.

What are the features that makes your altcoin unique and useful

Unlike banks and previous generation exchanges, who are using the primitive, brutal,
and fun-less old-school banking system, we’we making trading elementarily understandable,
engaging, and TLC no matter where you are 24/7.
We’re going the same place banking and exchanges are trying to go but faster by an order of magnitude.
Enterading (marrying entertainment+trading) means now crypto trading and using our exchange is as cool as playing CS:GO, for example.

Can you follow through in your projects?

Nominex is a fully working project already

Is there a fixed number of coins that can ever be in circulation?

Total token supply
200,000,000 NMX
Circulating token supply
100,000,000 NMX

Nominex Token Distribution

What percentage of coins in circulation will the main developer have?

20,000,000 NMX

Which algorithm will be used to verify the transactions, what is the mining reward structure and how would it be sustained?

NMX will be based on the Ethereum network

How were the software clients generated (did they use the main Bitcoin client or something else to make their software)?

wallet at our website now, then erc20 token support wallets (when smartcontract will be released)

What will the estimated price of coins given from an ICO be?

It depend on the market.
For now you can buy NMX for 1 usdt.
Also price depend on the period of token distribution

Is the coin deflationary with hard cap of coins or not?

all unsold tokens will be burned

Was is heavily premined, how many coins are in the hands of devs?



If you ever had the chance to talk with Satoshis what would you ask?

for what did you create Bitcoin?

What are you plans and time lines on pumping your coin

We have a plan to increase the value of our token, for example:

  1. Reduced commission for trading on the exchange
  2. Token listing at other exchanges, which will increase demand
  3. Token holders will receive rewards, encourages users not to sell NMX, but to keep and receive passive income
  4. Token buyback – the exchange will buy out its own token
  5. Burning tokens – does not lead to inflation

Well, in addition, we are working hard to increase our community and develop various mechanics in which it will also be possible to use NMX token.

Even Vitalik Buterin with Ethereum can’t beat Bitcoin. How you gonna do it

We will do all the best from our side, all efforts, to reach the moon with NMX

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